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Scott Ford says...

Hi Scott W. –
To be clear this is not my data. I am only one data geek telling another data geek where I found “data-food”.

You propose an interesting question – why are the graduate outcomes measured for Boulder School Districts better than that of the Steamboat Springs School District? This is a question worth looking into.

One could hypothesize that the education attainment of the population in each of the respective communities could be a contributing factor. (No Dah!)

Census data does provide some insights in to this. In 2014 the grater Steamboat Springs area about 54% of the population had a bachelor degree or better. For the same period in the greater Boulder area it was 71%.

I am careful not to torture numbers beyond what they can tell us, however, education attainment in a community maybe a predictor of secondary education outcomes. (Anybody looking for a master’s degree thesis topic?)

The link below is to a report that I found on the CDE site. I like the way the report is organized with an emphasis on success indicators and key predictors from early childhood education through post-secondary. What I like about these indicators/predictors is that they are prioritized and for the most part can be objectively measured over time.

(Just curious – do others find the exchange Scott W., and I are having informative or – should we just take this exchange off-line?)

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Scott Ford says...

Hi Scott W. –

The link below is to the “mother lode” of data about the high school graduates

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Scott Ford says...

Hi Scott W. –
There is a treasure trove of school district as it relates to the questions being discussed.
College Bound Data –
Steamboat Springs High School -
In 2010, of the 154 graduates 75% were headed to college and 51% of the graduates were planning on attending a college in Colorado either public or private. (Display 154/75%/51%)

2011 = 163/72%/53%
2012 = 143/75%/49%
2013 = 137/69%/47%
2014 = 159/71%/42%

South Routt:
2010 = 27/48%/40%
2011 = 30/50%/47%
2012 = 26/58%/31%
2013 = 19/68%/47%
2014 = 18/67%/30%

2010 = 40/55%/35%
2011 = 40/58%/43%
2012 = 26/58%/42%
2013 = 33/46%/36%
2014 = 27%/52%/44%


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Scott Ford says...

Hi Scott W. –
One would think that there would be some type of aggregation of remedial data somewhere. What is frustrating I recall seeing something a few years ago that showed specifically the Steamboat Springs School Dist. RE-2 and the percentage of students that needed some type of remedial assistance as they entered college. Too long ago to remember the context of when and where. That would be a valuable piece of data.

I may poke around later on the CDE site later. There is a lot of data stuff out there it just not easy to find.

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Scott Ford says...

Hi Scott W. –
Do you have any stats about the percentage of students graduating from any one of the three high schools in Routt County that need remedial course work? Also remedial in what subject matter?

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Scott Ford says...

Rob Dick also was the driving force behind converting Bogue Hall on the CMC campus to a business incubator. Rob as a college trustee had a vision that a business incubator would work in Steamboat Springs. He was right!

I had the privilege of managing the incubator he envisioned for 6 years. One of the greatest jobs I ever had. I will always be thankful for the opportunity I had to work with him. He made this community a better place.

Scott Ford says...

Doug -
Thanks for the thoughtful response.
I encourage anyone with any interest in this topic to attend this community meeting. Although there is no perfect solution – I believe great progress can be made toward something different than what exist today.

Scott Ford says...

The issue of housing is where the waves of social and economic realities crash on the beaches of government. The core question is what is the City’s responsibility to address either as it relates to housing? In this community there is no uniformity on how that question is answered.

I struggle with this question. I can successfully argue both sides of the debate. I find myself leaning toward a positon that has very limited government involvement beyond land use policies and transportation. I would appreciate hearing from others.

(Although I am a member of City Council my opinions are my own and may not be those shared by my fellow members.)

Scott Ford says...

I learned last night from Heather that one of her family members had received a verbally abusive and threatening phone call as a result of her decision on this issue. This is inexcusable at any level. I am disappointed that the vitriolic discourse that is occurring at the national level has manifested itself locally. It serves no purpose whatsoever and is harmful.

City Council is comprised of seven human beings all of whom have strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Without question individually and collectively this City Council has and will make mistakes. I am counting on the press and the citizenry to hold us accountable when we do. This process results in better government. I welcome it

I am honored to serve with my fellow council members and respect each one because fundamentally there is a unified commitment to serve the people of Steamboat Springs.

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Scott Ford says...

One of the challenges associated with Parks and Recreation Master Plans such as the one for Bear River Park is that they can create the expectation that something is going to happen in the relative near future. Simply put, there is no funding. Currently the way Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) are prioritized in the City’s budget ventures such Bear River Park do not receive a very high ranking.

(Although I am a member of City Council my opinions are my own and my not be shared by my fellow council members.)