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bill schurman says...

"1:11 p.m. Officers were called to a report of emergency lights stolen off a Colorado State Patrol cruiser at a car dealership in the 2300 block of Lincoln Avenue." My oh my, a CSP cruiser w/o emergency lights, now more stealth than ever. Let the speeding begin.

On The Record for Monday, Aug. 10, 2015

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bill schurman says...

To those of you who enjoy trashing the town have a great time... as for me, I'm outta here to a peaceful time in suburban Conifer.

On Spoke Talk: Here come the pros

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bill schurman says...

Republicans deserve Trump and some of the other clowns who are vying for the big nomination. The Koch brothers must be in true turmoil. And, Rob surely you believe in the 1st A. thus let Trump and the others speak on. At least to me, seeing a true Republican cluster.... I find very amusing and not at all disgusting.

On Rob Douglas: Disgusted voter writes

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bill schurman says...

What a bunch of get rich crap off the backs of the poor. The telephone usage is also a scam.

bill schurman says...

Oh how so well said.

On Deb Hinsvark: Combine roles

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bill schurman says...

“It will be good regardless,” Piscopo said. “It’s going to be a great community event and awesome for the town.” Good for you, bad for those who live here. Thus, I'm outta here. Enjoy yourselves , don't trash the place too much. Go Chamber!

On Pro Challenge teams set

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bill schurman says...

Jerry, the first person I would want on council is a lawyer. But, no endorsement (yet) of Mr. Lacy as I do not know him. Time will tell.

bill schurman says...

'fraid you're jumping the gun on Kleiber.

On Ed Miklus: City must hire smart

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bill schurman says...

Well, well, well... the plot sure thickens. I'll put my faith in Matt Karzen. Could all of this have a bearing on why Kleiber left the police department and why he chooses not to discuss it ??

bill schurman says...

Very curious that Mr. Hg up and leaves with two first degree murder cases pending (and Thomas Johnson awaiting the remand for a new trial on Murder One) not to mention the pending charges against Mr. Doolin. Who is left to prosecute these cases while Mr. Barkey is up flying around with the CAP ? Mr. Barkley owes his constituency an explanation. Disorder in the house?

On Assistant district attorney leaves office

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