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(that's you)

On New trail machine leaves builders giddy

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Bob Smith says...

hi fred.




noun: hypocrite; plural noun: hypocrites

a person who indulges in hypocrisy.

synonyms: pretender, dissembler, deceiver, liar, pietist, sanctimonious person, plaster saint; informalphony, fraud, sham, fake

On New trail machine leaves builders giddy

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Bob Smith says...

wow. I find it fascinating that Scott can on one hand be so disliked on these boards, but at the same time command such respect. listen to this guy! and if you find yourself in a position where you disagree with him, please question yourself. Scott is almost always right (although it may not be what you WANT to hear...:-) - he speaks the thruth

On George Hresko: Quo vadis?

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Bob Smith says...

"...are attempting to overthrow the Constitution..." -- something tells me that Diane Mitsch-Bush is not attempting to overthrow the constitution....just sayin'

On Joe Meglen: Protect citizen's rights

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Bob Smith says...

wow, fred, you don't like that little critter, huh? kind of a nuisance animal - a pesky varmint - and those lefty commies make regulations to protect it?? god-damn roosevelt. really, its all his fault! man, if we could only go back to the early 1900's life would be grand, huh fred! well anyway, like I always say, the only good sage grouse is a dead sage grouse! I bet you could send a few of those varmints to grousie-heaven with one of your dozers!! what a sight it would be - 5 or 10 of those little guys getting plowed into a pile and then run 'em over with the tracks on your doze!! and hey - I know that you don't operate the machinery personally any more, but man you may have to jump into the cab for something like this. yeeehaaw!!

Bob Smith says...

it's hard to imagine any good bands traveling to SB for an <500 person venue.

Bob Smith says...

man I can't wait to read all the comments that will inevitably follow this article. what's fascinating to me is that the folks who buy into these crazy conspiracy theories - like the ones surrounding fluoride - tend to believe in many if not all conspiracy theories - they don't usually just stop at one. it must be tough living in a world where drinking water has poison in it and airplanes are constantly flying overhead spraying poisonous chemicals on us and our government is mass murdering its own citizens. and yet they do nothing about it. that's got to produce some serious cognitive dissonance!

On Thoughtful Parenting: Benefits of fluoride

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Bob Smith says...

"...prosecutors, in their zeal, just cost another young man his life, and the taxpayers many (hundreds of) thousands of dollars..." - amen. what a complete and utter waste of money. druggies will do drugs, no matter what!! they get stuff in prison! listen
wether you are an idealistic bible thumping self righteous type, or a disillusioned selfish pro-legalization-of-anything type - can't we all agree that nothing will ever stop people from consuming drugs (alcohol included)? we cannot and should not try and control this behavior. -- regulate it to some degree and let natural selection go to work! but seriously, why do people care what an other adult ingests? did jesus say "tho shalt not sniff cocaine?" ... "but it is okay that tho shalt consume scotch whiskey"...I'm no biblical scholar but I missed that one. wtf...where did these laws come from? this honor's student's life it's ruined. over. he's an idiot but in the name of what do we do this? does it help you that this guy gets to rot in prison for years (and btw come out FAR more likely to commit a violent crime)? it doesn't help me. it doesn't help anyo**.. oh wait a minute. it helps a couple of people. like the officers in charge of the arrest, and of course the prosecutor. career advancement. money. I see. if we started to become more rational about drug use a lot of law enforcement folks would be looking for work. we're talking billions of dollars annually/nationally, if you look at the whole system. wow, I wonder if this industry spends any money on lobbying folks in Washington....hmm. prison "industry". just good for business to have tough laws. yikes. what comes to mind is the definition of insanity, something about doing the same thing and expecting different results. why in the world are we wasting so much money and ruining so many lives over a public health issue, which - btw - we are making FAR worse by criminalizing!!
once you accept that alcohol and drugs cannot be "stamped out", that there is simply no way possible to eradicate the consumption of these substances, it's a start. let's be realistic and start working towards reducing the harm that drugs do to society.
putting an honors student in prison for 4 years does *nothing* helpful. nothing.

Bob Smith says...

really, its mind boggling IN scale - the HR/Customer service/ Billing massaive apperatus, etc....etc...etc... again, -- 'fluff" --- just think about how much office space these cmpanies take up. and the resone behind all this manower -- so (guess) what - they can figure out how to legally (not morally) 'glean the system' and figure out just how little they can pay you on your caim..?! --> immoral and dirty industry, it smells roeetn. needs to go ~~~~~~~ adios!!!

RomneyCare ObamaCare ACA - whatever you call it, it certainly isn't perfect. but the main mission should be to eliminate the shameful wastes, where the numbers really kill us. I mean, so what if some crack addict schemes the system for a pack of smokes or even money(?) - for her food stamps - that makes no functional difference whatsoever. all of he alleged "fraud" amounts to hardly anything statistically noticeable. however, lust look at large scale investors / appreciation / dividends / etc.. and mid-high level executives (there are fast more then you'd guess!!) We could eliminate all of the fluff with a single payer system. done. think about the medicare / ,edicade budget and reduce it my, now that's real!!!

Buy seriously, back to healthcare for one comment, UNLESS we start turning people away at the emergency room door, where they can bleed to death or otherwise die in the alley way adjacent to the for profit hospital - everyone needs insurance, Show me a system where single payer isn't the most efficient and then sign me up, But you don't have any thoughts on the matter, do you. your too busy supporting ted cruise in his maneuvering to destroy the global reserve currently as the dollar. euro looks next in line (as a reserve currency replacement). -- and until recently I laughed at that prospect!!. But now the tea baggers have a small noisy minority that is willing to use terrorist tactics that more of their followers do no fully understand [the ramifications of] -- the loss of reserve currency status. Some would say that was the primary reason we went into Iraq.....[cruise] he's a punk who doesn't care, meanwhile everyone else is bracing for a much different lifestyle with the loss of reserve currency privileges'! teapubs control a slight majority in the HOR, due primarily to gerrymandering (shameful), but the congress if solidly democrat, as well as the executive, and the supreme court upheld ObamaCare......don't negotiate with terrorists!!!!!!!