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Kudos to the officers putting themselves at risk trying to get him out of the near freezing water.

Alcohol makes a lot of people do stupid things.

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A bike could be argued as being the equivalent of a horse, but affordable for the poor man. Hand pushed carts predate horses in North America. A horse with saddle doesn't strike me as being much different than a bike in wilderness areas.

Seems to me that the bigger issue is wilderness trails built to standards that would historically be called roads so that they can be used by wheeled transport such as bikes. Original wilderness with no or only game trails would be impossible to bike.

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"So what are we to make of the largest state Democratic Party's chant this weekend: "

That you are a "snowflake"?

Why is what a long time famously vulgar guy says at a convention of concern to you? Considering it was John Burton, it was more of a joke than shocking and the chant his way of saying "resist".

It takes a snowflake to find two references to Hillary campaign materials for the children and then complain about vulgarity used at a closed party event for adult delegates.

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Only unfair leftists would point out Trump's flip flops. A president under investigation or mishandling classified information would be intolerable except when it refers to him.

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Maggie's and Winter's track seasons also bring so much hope for next season. Both have been smashing personal records. Neither has yet shown any indication that they have reached a plateau in any of their distances. I wouldn't bet against both being sub 2:15 in the 800 and sub 5 minutes in the 1600 next year. Or SB taking a shot at 3A XC title next year (though Peak to Peak, Charter Academy and Frontier Academy each look very formidable).

As for SSHS girls XC and track this season, who knows how much better results could have been if runners could have avoided arm and shoulder injuries. Winter's sterling XC season was disrupted by an elbow injury. The 800m relay team lost Sierra due to a broken collarbone. Runners with leg injuries is understandable, but multiple arm injuries?

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Also, to be fair to Mattie Rossi, during at least this season, she has been consistently very good in the 100M hurdles and she has excellent form. She has not been a hit or miss performer.

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Mattie Rossi's time in the 100m hurdles was not her best time ever, but she was close. The winner's previous best time was just a step slower than Mattie's and had a slightly better race. It was close race between evenly matched competitors. Unlike the movies, not everyone can win the big race.

The Soroco boys finishing 4th overall was about as good as possible because that that was after winning 4 events and they didn't have many other athletes in other events.

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So what percentage of the CC4E must agree to a single plan? For a ballot measure to pass just requires 50% + 1 voter. Most of CC4E agrees with this plan so if the public mirrors CC4E then it will pass.

Also, the school board choosing to do nothing would still be a decision to ignore existing maintenance issues along with a science classroom availability and looming capacity issues at the HS.

It is also unfair to take one bullet point from one slide and say it makes no sense to add a science pod at the HS. All of the options had adding a science pod at the HS so that was early on identified as a need with a cost effective solution.

I've talked with a few CC4E members asking why was this the selected financing plan. They said that part was rushed and that it was presented with little debate. In contrast, I've heard about the long grinding meetings that led to selecting the list of facility needs that should be in Phase I and that has a consensus. Phase I is not want some would like to do, but they have concluded that the more sweeping proposals would probably not pass given the uncertainties of future enrollment and the growth of the Montessori. Also, that Phase II options have greater complexities that need significant work building public support prior to expecting general voter support.

For instance, the idea of reconfiguring grades in schools did not appear to figure out the impact upon scheduling teachers. In the meeting last week, the middle school admin stated how current system of 3 grades allowed scheduling full time Encore teachers (art, band, PE, shop, etc) and that 2 grades in the school would make those into part time positions. That seemed to be a surprise to CC4E as something that wasn't considered. Similarly, smaller elementary schools would result in an odd number of sections/classrooms for a grade and this admin has gotten comfortable with 4 sections in an elementary school.

So reconfiguring grades or smaller elementary school could be done, but those are changes that need to figured out how it would affect current district policies, practices and budget.

Personally, I think the proposed $31M bond is a terrible idea as it puts current and future maintenance in a long term bond. Not only does it make little sense to catch up with deferred maintenance via a bond instead of a MLO sufficient to substantially pay for ongoing maintenance, but it would seem likely to make people worried about the size of their property tax bill if coming to the voters with a Phase II in a few years. I think that Phase I needs to be financed expecting that a Phase II will follow.

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And the Time story is that White House officials, not Obama himself, discussed with the FBI the political implications of going public with the status of the Russian hacking investigation. Not that the White House attempted to kill the investigation, but when to go public with it. If the White House officials included the Attorney General then advising the FBI on when to go public is part of the Attorney General's responsibilities so that FBI doesn't become accused of politicizing itself. To the extent failing to publicize what Russia was doing to affect the election was a mistake, it is a mistake of the Obama White House, not the FBI.

That is completely different than the President talking to the FBI Chief about dropping a case involving Trump's friends, if not Trump himself, then later firing Comey and then saying it was because of the Russia investigation.

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Dan K,

When the White House has a communications staff whose job it is to tell the President's side of the story then a failure to deny is significant. The communications staff not denying means they know the reporter is relatively accurately quoting from the claimed document.

For me, the disturbing part about Trump is not that he lies more than most politicians, but that he is too lazy and stupid to avoid talking himself into having a special counsel appointed and whatever else+. And then all of the Republicans that defend Trump's inexcusable actions.

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