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Tough Decisions

Public policy is a difficult business. One of the toughest, we would argue. In fact, we can think of only one other occupation that draws more criticism than deciding how other people should live, and that's telling them about it. Public leaders often find themselves in difficult spots. But that's the trade-off: The power to make decisions paid for by the criticism for making them.

Trade school a worthy idea

In this digital age, when the success of so many depends on the speed of their connections and to whom they're connected it is encouraging to see an effort linked to the heart and soul of this county. In the little ranching town of Hayden west of Steamboat Springs, an idea is taking shape that deserves attention. Community leaders have proposed building a vocational school there. The plan is to provide training in those skills that really keep a community moving things like welding, auto repair and plumbing.

OUR VIEW: Good luck, good programming

We wish those who are fighting for KUNC well. We'd like to see the interesting programming style the station has woven together stay on the air.

OUR VIEW: On watch

Were it not for the tragedy of a cellblock hanging in late October, the report last week of an inmate leaving the Routt County Jail to buy alcohol would have been rather humorous.

OUR VIEW: Shine more light on government

The executive session bill deserves the support of the Legislature and the support of the public. It will bring additional light to shine on government and by doing so, will allow new seeds of trust to grow.

Good choice

We are pleased that a Coloradan with a good head on her shoulders and a passion for defending the rights of local residents will be the next leader of the Interior Department. Gale Norton will bring common sense and reason to a department that has been running too hot lately.

See you Sunday

This is it the last mid-week Steamboat Pilot. The next time you read this newspaper, it will have a new name and a new publication day.

Food for thought

Here's some food for thought: Each one of us can promote thought by buying food. For eight years now, a largely unnoticed program has provided some $75,000 to local schools. The money comes from grocery stores that pass along a portion of what some customers pay them.

Waiting for justice

A Routt County jury last week found a Hayden man guilty of sexually assaulting a young girl who knew him as grandpa. The girl is actually the 55-year-old man's step-granddaughter. She shares horrible secrets with him. At least she doesn't share his blood.

No vacancy

A recent study by the Colorado Division of Housing points to a problem that has largely been overlooked in Steamboat Springs and other areas struggling with affordable housing. The problem is a lack of affordable rental properties. City Councilwoman Kathy Connell, who is in the property rental business, has been one of few local voices we've heard speak about the problem.

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