Would you have approved the 0.25 percent sales tax to help fund the winter airline program if you knew available seats would decrease by 11 percent?

Yes, it would be worse without the tax 81 votes


No, I didn’t approve it in the first place 267 votes


No, the tax was supposed to increase seats 177 votes


I don’t understand the airline program 34 votes


559 total votes

(John Kitchen) johnkitchen says...

If possible, I would have selected two options in this poll. "I didn't approve it in the first place" and "I don't understand the airline program (well enough)".

Before the vote, I tried to get some finer details about the program - including what kind of seat availability would be guaranteed if the tax went ahead - but the (scare) campaign run by Ski Corp provided very little information.

Posted 29 July 2012, 2:35 p.m. Suggest removal

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