Should the city expand its off-leash dog program to Spring Creek Trail and all of Rita Valentine Park?

Yes, it’s about time 137 votes


No, there are better parks for it 13 votes


No, I don’t want to deal with off-leash dogs 174 votes


I don’t know 8 votes


332 total votes

(Anonymous) catsmeowtwo says...

My dog was recently attacked and nearly killed by a lab that was not on the leash and the owner was with him. The lab shook my 7 pound dog with the intent to kill him, the owner watched in horror as I had to loosen the jaws of the lab so she would release my dog. My dog is not the same emotionally, and now shows signs of aggressive behavior, which I take responsibility for, and keep him on a leash. Dogs are not human, it is not in a dogs nature to always do the right thing, nor can we train them to the point that they are 100% predictable. As long as dog owners are ready to accept liability for their dogs behavior, financially and legally, then lets let them wander without leashes, until that time, NO WAY!

Posted 30 August 2010, 12:57 p.m. Suggest removal

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