The Census Bureau estimates Steamboat's population is 9,315. What's your estimate?

Less than 10,000 50 votes


10,000-15,000 263 votes


15,000-20,000 39 votes


352 total votes

(Anonymous) corduroy says...

what year's census data is this from? I haven't gotten anything from a census since 10 years ago still living in NY, do they still have people fill out the surveys?

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(Scott Stanford) sstanford says...


This information is from the July 1, 2006 estimate. The Census Bureau conducts the formal census only once every 10 years. But each year, the Bureau also uses data such as out-migration, in-migration, births, deaths and housing statistics to produce estimates for all places. The Bureau released the July 1, 2006 estimates on June 28.

Scott Stanford
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