News for Sunday, March 11, 2007



Demons down Sailors

Steamboat boys lacrosse improves, gains field experience

The Steamboat Springs boys team brought Golden up Saturday for a little ski town lacrosse, complete with frigid rain that became snow before the final whistle.

'We had to go bigger'

Junior Olympics conclude today with dual mogul events

Even in conditions so bad race officials considered calling off the event, Steamboat aerialist Tyler Saxe remained calm.

Tennis team nets two wins

The Steamboat Springs girls tennis team opened the 2007 season with two wins on Saturday, downing Montrose and Durango.

Dave Shively: Gettin' primal

His toenails have grown back and the cracks in his feet have healed. He has regained the 15 pounds he lost during the eight days taken to complete the course.

Ingalls skis away with 2nd gold

For the second straight day, Katherine Ingalls walked away from Soldier Hollow, Utah, and the 2007 cross-country Junior Olympics, a national champion.

March midge madness

Anglers cash in on early spring's prime fishing

Bucking Rainbow Outfitters owner John Duty remembered when some fellow fishing guides made the trip up from the Patagonia region of Argentina to fish the Yampa River in March and instantly put it into perspective.

Scott Stanford: Here's a tip: Go with Winthrop

Sports commentary

Best sports experience of my college years at the Naval Academy? The 1986 NCAA basketball tournament. Navy beat 10th-seeded Tulsa in the first round but drew a tall order in the second - No. 2-seed Syracuse, which featured Pearl Washington and Rony Seikaly and had beaten us by 23 in December. Did I mention Syracuse's Carrier Dome was the site of the NCAA sub-regional?

Not quite there

Minorities still rare on U.S. ski slopes

The outreach is growing, but so far, the impact is not.

City Council costs rise sharply

Expenses for hotels, meals, seminars have more than doubled since 2003

Steamboat Springs City Council expenses for such things as travel, meals, organization dues and other incidental costs have nearly tripled since 2003.

Sailors drop two to Denver East

After dropping two games to Denver East on Saturday, Steamboat Springs baseball coach Dave Roy said the team knows where the efforts will be focused this week.

Starting to click

Steamboat girls lacrosse brings home first season win

It didn't take long for the Steamboat Springs girls lacrosse team to figure out its field sense. After a disappointing loss Friday to Pine Creek, Steamboat answered with its first win of the season Saturday at Colorado Springs' Garry Berry Stadium.

Bruce Stover: 'Formula stores' can be good

Special to The Pilot & Today

I am writing this letter in response to Thursday's article regarding the drafting of an ordinance to impose restrictions on "formula stores." This seems like another attempt by local government to regulate competition and provide protectionism to existing retailers that may be ultimately bad for the consumer. I own and run a business and have to compete with global companies who have huge budgets. If we don't provide the right products at the right price and compete in an effective manner, we will be out of business.

Betty Leipold: Just build it

Will we ever get a community center? The City Council was blindsided on Tuesday with the estimate cost going so far over budget. Real sticker shock.

Marilyn Mackenzie: I'm impressed

Many things have impressed me during my two-month stay in Steamboat - the great skiing, the beautiful environment and the friendly people. But there are two other things I would like to compliment the town on.

Omar M. Campbell: Project mess

I have given City Council and the Library Board my solution several times, but it bears repeating now because of the exorbitant bids and rising costs: leave the existing Senior Center alone. It serves us oldsters quite adequately, has decades of useful life remaining, and is very well located and unobtrusive. What a waste and shame to destroy it.

Best of the Web for March 11

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Looking back for March 11

30 million trout placed in streams

Henry Zehner will act as superintendent of the Steamboat Springs schools beginning next fall, and in addition, will carry on his regular teaching work. The decision was made by the school board at a recent meeting as a matter of economy in the operation of the schools next year. Mr. Zehner has been teaching in the high school for the past five years, proving himself efficient and capable in any position in which he was placed. He has the ability to teach in any department.

Jimmy Westlake: Stalking the Unicorn

The late winter sky is brimming with bright stars. Winter's showpiece, Orion the Hunter, boasts two luminaries, Betelgeuse at his shoulder and Rigel at his foot; his two canine companions each show off a bright star, Sirius and Procyon; the Gemini Twins have Castor and Pollux; Auriga the Charioteer holds the golden star Capella in his arms; ruddy Aldebaran marks the glaring eye of Taurus the Bull; and icy-blue Regulus marks the heart of Leo the Lion. If you were a constellation made of very faint stars and didn't want to draw attention to yourself, there couldn't be a better spot for you to hide than among the brilliant stars of winter!

Jim Curd: Sick fascination

Personally, I couldn't care less whether Ann Coulter stays or not, because sooner or later, people like her self-destruct from their own hate anyway. I do, however, challenge you to construct a side-by-side comparison of remarks on any number of hot-button issues made by Coulter vs. Dowd or any liberal of your choice, for that matter. I predict two results.

Jeannine C. Stauder: Coulter and Dowd

I'd like to thank the Steamboat Today for providing the columns of two women political writers, Maureen Dowd and Ann Coulter, in the Thursday edition. Both are devoted to their respective political parties and present current issues from that viewpoint.

An experience Lupe never forgot

One week in Steamboat Springs changed Guadalupe Sorchaga's life.

The Record for March 9

The following is a list of people booked into the Routt County Jail on suspicion of the listed charges. The arresting agency is listed in parentheses.

Class notes for March 11

Colorado Mountain College professor Terry Hunter recently was appointed to the academic advisory board of the American Hotel & Lodging Association's Educational Institute.

Seven wonders of the Chikalla world

Yampa family serves God, community through church, school, fire department

Wednesday's family dinner conversation consisted of five of Josiah Chikalla's six brothers and sisters arguing about whether the tie he was adamant about wearing matched his green polo - and if it was even appropriate to wear a tie to his talent show performance at South Routt Elementary School.

Conservation on her mind

Lyn Halliday helps businesses reduce waste, enhance sustainability

Todd Savalox will break down every piece of cardboard that comes through the Images of Nature art gallery and haul it away to be recycled.

'A quick trip to Steamboat'

Realtor uses personal blog to reach clients, potential clients

Search Google using the words "Steamboat Springs blog" and a link to Jon Wade's Web site is the second one listed.

Business File for March 11

The Rio celebrates fifth year in Steamboat

From March 22 to 24, The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant will celebrate its fifth anniversary as a member of the Steamboat community. The Rio is located in the heart of downtown at 628 Lincoln Ave.

Our View: Stop the insanity

At Issue: The new community center

We have been down this road before; yet, we feel compelled to say it again. The Steamboat Springs City Council owes it to taxpayers to reconsider building a new community center. There simply has to be a more efficient way.

A Sunshine Kids alumna returns to the slopes

Laura Allaire will always be a Sunshine Kid.

Channing Reynolds: Cat out of the bag

Buying a "pig in a poke" means you have purchased something from the seller that you did not first investigate thoroughly. Literally, the lump in the bag could be something very different than what you were promised. The term "let the cat out of the bag" has its origins related to this phrase in that the lump in the bag was, on occasion, not even a pig.

Transactions for Feb. 28 through March 6


Tease photo

Giving children a lift

Sunshine Kids provides free winter fun for cancer patients

It is a question no child should have to ask and a question no parent should have to answer. But Malcolm Gaines remembers, on more than one occasion, his daughter Shadreana wondering out loud, "Daddy, am I gonna die?" It was an honest thought from the heart of a teenage girl who had a tumor the size of a golf ball removed from her brain.

Routt County Spotlight: Julie Marie Tucek

Julie Marie Tucek Age: 29 if you only count weekends ... OK, 42.

Leading men

Local men are dancing more, stereotyping less

Ryan P. Browning thinks male athletes could not keep up in a ballet class.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Manage your wiley weeds

Do you have wiley weeds? Chances are you might. These are the weeds you spray one year, and then you think that they're gone, but they show back up next year. Or worse, they don't show up in the spot that you did spray but in a different spot! These weeds could be considered noxious weeds and Routt County has its share of them.

Joanne Palmer: Losing my mind

A few months ago, the World's Greatest Boyfriend (W.G.B.) and I were invited to join a potluck group. I love potluck groups. I couldn't wait to get out of my house, try new food and socialize. The theme: appetizers. An all apps party. No desserts, no main course, just plenty of finger food.

Hot on the trail

Steamboat high school sleuths use genetics and DNA to solve mock homicide

Johnny Montana was at his Steamboat Springs home, probably making dinner, when someone bludgeoned him to death with a lug wrench Feb. 26.