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Do your jobs

I don't think that the current budget woes are the fault of the Taxpayers Bill of Rights or Amendment 23. I think if these lawmakers would focus on doing their jobs instead of gerrymandering extra House seats since the census. I can't believe if the Republicans had not spent years trying to rig the district to secure election for years into the future, maybe we would not have these problems.

Losing a teacher

Why does the School Board continue to emphasize that we are not losing a best practices teacher? We have a teacher who is taking a leave of absence, but that teacher, is not being replaced by a best practices teacher but by a Montessori teacher. The two teachers who we are losing because they were only funded for a year have nothing to do with a best practices teacher.

Pave Pine Grove Road

I think it's great that CDOT is paving Lincoln Avenue through downtown because it is very heavily traveled. Just curious why the city hasn't paved Pine Grove Road between Ski Haus and City Market since it is one of the most heavily traveled roads since they built the new hospital. It's in terrible shape, and I sure would like to see that done.

Help the homeless man

I was wondering if we can do anything to help the homeless guy in town. He seems to wander between Mocha Molly's and downtown. Does he have a place to live, and how can we provide assistance to him?

Angry at the Pilot

I know news is news, but please, have some feelings. I am a mom, and the front page of the newspaper Tuesday was a crock. The Pilot & Today has pushed its limits in the past, but this time it went too far. I am sorry for Max's family and friends, and I am angry at the newspaper for the way it handled this.

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