Sound off for Jan. 26, 2003

Outraged by letter

This call is in response to Wednesday's ViewPoints letter on abortion. If you print that garbage to get more people to call in to your Sound Off line, it's definitely working. I was so outraged that you printed that biased letter, by a Planned Parenthood employee no less. Is it the assumption of the newspaper that everyone in town supports abortion? I wonder how much it would cost me to express my opinion as to why I think abortion is wrong since I seriously doubt you would print something for free that didn't fit into the liberal guidelines of the newspaper. I would probably have to pay a lot of money for an ad and then I doubt it would make it to press. The printing of that letter did a great disservice to those who don't know the facts.

Birth a sacred act

I attended the viewing of the film that Planned Parenthood showed at Howelsen Hill on the 30th anniversary of the legalization of abortion. I can understand why a desperate woman might desire an abortion. But I can't understand why any doctor would perform one. I understand that the abortion providers are big business, employing thousands. But I don't understand why they oppose abstinence instruction and sterilization. Life is a series of choices. Relinquishing a child is a tough choice. Enduring an unwanted pregnancy is a sacrifice. Giving a child life and a new family through adoption is the beast choice. And it is a sacred act.

Unbiased decisions

Having been around the situation on Rabbit Ears for more than 20 years, I think an unbiased Forest Service person needs to be put in charge, one who has no favoritism toward the skiers or snowmobilers. There is plenty of room in the area for anyone and everyone and the skiers' constant bickering over "their" rights is getting to be quite irritating. It would be nice if someone in authority would actually ski and snowmobile the area and see what the conditions are actually like up there. We all pay taxes on the area and should all be allowed to use the space equally.

Hands off snowmobiling

The Forest Services should keep its hands off snowmobiling. They work for us and we are the people. We make the laws, not them.

In disagreement

I totally disagree with the Forest Service's efforts to limit snowmobiling in the Routt National Forest near Rabbit Ears Pass.

More opportunities

With the aging population and the exodus of the aging skier from the slopes to the snowmobile, we need more snowmobiling opportunities, not less. The extremist green movement has refused to acknowledge the advancements in snowmobile technology that has cleaned up and quieted down the exhaust pipe. Most snowmobilers are advanced middle-agers and are just as concerned about the health of the environment as anyone else. We believe that recreational multiuse of our national forests has been mandated by Congress and should remain "the land of many uses."

Give them that pleasure

Snowmobilers riding on God-given snow do not deface the countryside. They have paid a lot of money for equipment to enjoy nature. Let them have that pleasure.

Snowmobilers an asset

Let a cross country skier have a problem and see how fast they hope a snowmobiler comes by to help them. It seems to me that every time you hear of someone stranded in the mountains on the news, you hear of snowmobilers coming to the rescue. You can't expect them to have the equipment, know the terrain, and be experienced with moving through the snow if they are to be outlawed from it all.

No respect for anything

I'm sick of hearing the poor snowmobilers crying about how restricted they are on public lands. Give me a break. They can and certainly do go just about anywhere they want to, including wilderness areas, because they have no respect for anything or any boundary. With miles of terrain to legally choose from, they have to whine about a buffer around the ski area? Spare me. Furthermore, to the lady from Ohio writing about this issue, learn the facts. The zone around the ski area makes sense and has been needed for a long time. Please respect it, for once, instead of acting like a bunch of eighth-graders.

Need to work together

I don't think that the Forest Service should have realigned the boundaries separating snowmobile use and skier use without first studying the area to be aware of what the real issues are. Snowmobilers are an organized group and have a task force to deal with these types of issues, and they were not included in the new plan. The forest is public land and everyone is entitled to use it. We need to work together to ensure a quality experience for all users.

Just go elsewhere

Yes. It just seems ridiculous that the snowmobilers can get to an area with the flick of a wrist, and it takes a skier an hour to get to the same area. I think the snowmobilers can just snowmobile elsewhere. They can just turn their machines to the right or the left and go someplace else.

Nothing during school

If Chris Teeters was trying to appease us card-carrying members of the ACLU by quoting President Clinton regarding religion in the schools, most of us left-wing liberals think the old president was pretty conservative, too. As to Mr. Teeters' arguments on religion, I checked out the Department of Education Web site and found Education Secretary Riley said religious organizations could help families be more involved in the schools by providing programs before and after school. Nothing about during school. Being the good citizen that Mr. Riley is, I am sure he read the Supreme Court Lambs Chapel and Good News cases where the court stated that a critical reason the establishment clause defense (used by the school boards) failed is because the use of the schools by the religious groups was after school hours. In fact, no appellate court in the land has ever ruled that a religious group could have access to a public school while classes are in session in the school. Lunchtime is off limits.

Get rid of bad juju

The negativity in Oak Creek needs to go. Let's get rid of this bad juju going around.

Don't mess with skyline

Skylines are sacred in Routt County, and for those of us willing to meet an uncluttered skyline, it certainly is a blessing and our rightful heritage. Don't mess with it.

Misleading numbers?

I read with interest the report given by the Steamboat Springs Transportation director, especially the high numbers in October and November. Wasn't that the low point for visitors in Steamboat? Was this report a way for the director to blow his own horn? Or is this a way to get state and federal funds? Council members, you are being misled if you believe that there were almost 1 million bus riders in 2002. Is this the Steamboat way of being deceptive?

Missing the point

I'd like to comment on the editorial and the articles that have been in the newspaper about the allocation of the half-cent sales tax funds. Once again, it looks like the Pilot and the Education Fund Board are missing the point. Instead of sucking more money out of the technology and educational excellence budgets, the administrative team is recommending that the capital commission spend the $1.6 million it has been allocated before asking for more funds. This is an example of the people who know what is really going on, the admin team, discussing funds with those who think they know what is going on, the Fund Board. And just because some bureaucrat came up with a wish list of capital needs doesn't mean everything on it is a priority.

Pedestrian problems

I think it is ridiculous that no one is getting a jaywalking ticket for walking in Mount Werner Circle. No one is getting a parking ticket for parking in front of the Steamboat Grand. Yet they threaten the locals for not walking in the crosswalks, which, by the way, aren't even painted onto the streets.

Church is the place

Hooray for Jeff Troeger. If kids want religion, then their parents should take them to church.

An ignorant person

I am so disgusted with the person who called in Sound Off about his or her children attending a public school where religious recruiting is allowed at lunch. This person is so ignorant. I am embarrassed to live in a town where people are so naive. First, no one is doing any religious recruiting. This person should be happy someone is out there trying to do good for our children in this sick world. Second, I'm not sure how this person connects sexual assault to good people who make it their job to promote good behavior. The world would be a better place if more children would get involved in fun, healthy youth activities like church groups. There are too many parents, like the one who called, who want to bury their heads in the sand and ignore what is important.

No generalization

I can't imagine what kind of rude snob would spout the immature foolishness in last week's Sound Off called "not the Oak Creek Pilot." You should worry about what all the Pilot & Today readers -- not just the visitors -- might think about a person small-minded enough to generalize and name call the entire population of a truly wonderful town. Our population might be a tiny percentage of Routt County's, but I think most of us are intelligent enough not to judge our neighbors en masse. You should be ashamed of yourself. I'd rather be a barfly than a pompous jerk.

Limit snowmobilers

Yes, I fully agree with the Forest Service's efforts to limit snowmobilers. I think they are a nuisance and noise polluters and environmental polluters and they have an impact on those of us who want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors.

Pay attention now

I do agree with the Forest Service's efforts to limit snowmobiling in our public national forests. There are more and more snowmobiles registered every year. In fact, I'm concerned about ... considering snowmobile use in our immediate watershed areas, specifically above the Fish Creek Falls area. About 20 percent of all snowmobile fuels are left in the snowpack. It will be an issue as snowmobile use increases. We need to pay attention to it now.

Losing an old friend

How disgusting to learn of Boggs Hardware closing. It's like having the family doctor quit practicing. Who's going to feed the birds outside the store? Where will we buy sweet tea seeds by the shot glass? This is what Hal Clifford talks about in his book, "Downhill Slide." The large ski corporations are ruining the ski industry and the small towns.

Let the task force do it

"Hi, I'm from the federal government and I'm here to help you." The U.S. Forest Service should let the skier/snowmobile task force make the boundaries.

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