Sound Off: Readers react to Chamber, summer marketing

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The City Council made a huge mistake by signing a 40-year lease. The airport should be closed. The community as a whole should not be supporting the hobby of a few. Make the airport totally self-sufficient or close it.

The city should end funding for the chamber's marketing schemes as it should end give-aways to Triple Crown and the airport and make these folks pay their own weight. But don't look for that to happen from a City Council so dedicated to the mythical notion of the free lunch.

No, the city should not increase funding to the chamber for summer marketing. Summertime in Steamboat has gotten so stressful and it's not fun anymore because there are so many people in town all the time.
Also, I'd like to take issue with the slant the Pilot is giving to the chamber, I guess because your publisher is so involved in the chamber, that's why you do it. But you are going to lose your credibility as a good newspaper if you are going to be so biased.

Yes. I would just like to remind dog owners who regularly use the Spring Creek trail to please, please pick up after their dogs. Recently, the amount of dog waste that has been left in the snow has become a huge problem. Many people are very diligent about it, but most are not. The Parks Department provides convenient clean-up bags in two locations so there is really no excuse.
Let's keep Spring Creek Trail clean for all to enjoy it.

I wanted to comment on the article in the Steamboat Today on Friday about snowmobile access in the wilderness and how it is being limited. I was glad to see the article. This has been going on for years and it's about time the snowmobilers stay where they are supposed to, but that never happens. Limiting it on Rabbit Ears and Zirkel and everywhere else should be part of it, too. The snowmobiles are obnoxious and rude, and I keep hearing that it's only a small number of snowmobilers who are causing the problems, well from what I've seen it is the majority. For their recreation to come at the cost of the air, water, forest and wildlife is ridiculous. These things should be limited as much as possible.

The person who called Sound Off and said they laughed at the statement that Triple Crown is a class thing obviously missed the point.
The caller wasn't saying that Triple Crown was classy, the caller was saying the debate over Triple Crown is between the classes, that the wealthy elite in Steamboat don't want Triple Crown because the people who participate in Triple Crown would rather shop at Wal-Mart than Neiman Marcus. And that the condominiums and resorts in town don't want Triple Crown because the Triple Crown people would rather stay at Motel 6. That's what the caller was trying to say and I guess the person who responded was just too snobby to see that.

I just wanted to say that I have never worn a helmet skiing and that no one is going to get me to wear one. I have never skied at Aspen anyway.

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